Nanuk Anitnanco

Gangrel Whip of Seattle disguised as a scene kid.


A Chinook, Native American with the dark reddish skin and classic flat slightly pointed forehead of the Chinook. Usually, wearing a fashionable hat (bowler currently) over his sleek black hair. the latter, usually suspenders over that holding up cargo pants/shorts, and wearing combat boots. He wears wide leather bracelets on his arms and often, on colder evenings, he wears a sport coat.


In modern nights you see a 20-something with stylish tattoos in functional, if comfortable, clothing. To the Kine of modern nights he is Nick Chetan, but the Kindred of Seattle all know that Nanuk is more then he appears.

A Chinook spiritual leader who was turned after an unfortunate accident, Nanuk has survived for many years and clawed his way into being the Gangrel Whip of Seattle.

Nanuk Anitnanco

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