Entertaiment Segment Producer


Adrianne can appear elegant and imposing, and then display down to earth quirkiness in such a charming matter that the transition seems effortless and natural. Unpredictably, Adrianne can be found in form-fitting business wear, exhibiting stripper-chic just slightly too risqué for the occasion, and wrapped in funky, trendy, urban scene clothing, but she is always dressed razor sharp stylishly.

Adrianne Lau is of mixed Cantonese and Scandinavian descent.


Adrianne books music and entertainment for several venues in Seattle and she has close industry contacts as far away as Olympia and Portland. Her influence in the music scene is an almost palpable thing, but she is almost unknown outside of the industry and vampire society.

Among vampires, her mortal influence has helped to leverage a position of considerable status. She is arguably Seattle’s most important Harpy and is a fixture among its Camarilla courts. Other Harpies rarely hand out decisions, they let their suggestions carry the weight of their status, but Adrianne is known for unselfconsciously speaking her mind. Most of Seattle’s influential vampires know her on a first name basis, even if a few them wish they didn’t.


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