Reginald Wyatt Miller


“Reggie’s” supernatural abilities have given him the strength he dreamed of when he was young and wanted to play professional American Football. Unfortunately, dreams fade and the reality rarely lives up to the expectations. Reggie’s position as a ghoul to the Seattle Gangrel Whip means that even if he was young enough, he could not participate in the games.

Reggie, devoted to his domitor, has lost his wife, his children, and his house. He still has his job as an administrative systems manager for Weyerhaeuser in Federal Way, though the spark within that burned for promotion, money, success, and other middle-class occupational delights has long since died out. The job gets done, mostly, but Reggie no longer clocks in overtime and the number of used sick and vacation days are beginning to pile up.

This mostly because Reggie is devoted to his domitor and when he is called to do so, he will drop nearly anything he is doing, with the notably exception of watching Seahawks games. Although Reggie rarely seems to enjoy either the company of his domitor or the tasks he is compelled to undertake.

What little free time he has left is usually spent in bars, hitting on younger women and watching sports. He is usually successful with at least one of those things.

Reginald Wyatt Miller

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