Seattle Underground


Like Paris, London, New York, Chicago, and many other cities, Seattle suffered a devastating fire in the early modern period. These great fires often gutted the cities they afflicted and permanently changed the landscape, ushering in years of rebuilding and vast transformations in city planning.

Seattle, originally founded on tidal flats, was rebuilt on top of the ruins of the old city, sometimes two stories above. Many new buildings were finished before the sidewalks were constructed, which led to them having two “ground” floors: one at the tidal flat level of old Seattle and one above that would be used when the new higher roads and sidewalks were completed. Because of this, the Seattle Underground survived for many years before falling into disuse.

In modern nights, mortals are commonly aware of perhaps a dozen means of ingress to the underground city. The Kindred use over a hundred. Vampires of all clans use recondite portals secreted in innocuous buildings to gather beneath the Emerald City at night, when even adventurous mortals seldom venture below. There are whole sections of the original city thought lost and condemned by mortals, but which are penetrated by Toreador, Brujah, Ventrue, and other clans. It is for this reason that the Underground is not as much of a haven for the Nosferatu as one might first think, but this is changing. The deformed vampires still have a large presence here and not a few make their homes along its forgotten edges.

There is an Elysium in the Underground City, but the paths that lead to it are not always safe, even for the Kindred.

Seattle Underground

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