Bauhaus Coffee Shop


Seattle is known across the world for its invasive chain of coffee shops, but they started as a small, neighborhood store, like hundreds of others in the Seattle area. Bauhaus is one of those others.

Many locals in the Seattle area refuse to patronize the large chain, so smaller purveyors of coffee have the ability to generate a lot of revenue catering to the hyper caffeinated denizens of the Emerald City. Bauhaus’ grinders and foamers run deep into the night, a feature unique among coffeehouses; it is the attractive hours of operation that bring vampires flocking through its doors, but he opportunity to peruse its library of publications and tomes often proves more addictive than the caffeine.

Bauhaus has expanded to three locations, each with the appearance of a quaint, old time bookstore. They can be found in the cool, urbane neighborhoods of Ballard, Capitol Hill, and Greenlake.

Bauhaus Coffee Shop

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