1. Automatic: 1 point
  2. Learning Curve/Exceptional Teamwork: Most White Wolf games I have been involved in devolved into shameless begging when it came to this experience point, with players extricating the most implausible lessons learned from unlikely scenarios in order to stay ahead in the xp race. So I am also awarding this xp for characters involved in scenarios where several of them work well as a team, complementing each others’ strengths and shoring up the weaknesses.
  3. Roleplaying: Everyone playing was invited into this campaign for their ability to roleplay as much as anything else. Players who game to their capabilities can expect 1 point every session. 2 points will be rarer.
  4. Heroism/Brilliance/Deliverance: The more games I play in as an adult, the less that traditional heroic acts are performed in them and the less that they seem to even matter. Instead of bravely sacrificing your vampire’s well-being for the sake of others, players may earn this xp by putting into motion brilliant plans, solving problems intellectually or through manipulation, clever escapes, removing obstacles through cunning, or anything else that shows unusual perspicacity. Gamers often fuck up, sometimes through dedicated roleplay, sometimes by not paying enough attention, and sometimes by sheer stupidity. If your character rescues another character from their mistakes, whether through cover up, making good with injured parties, solving the extra problems the latter character created, or even physical extrication, you will also gain this point.

This should make it possible for players to usually earn 4xp per session, which may be unusually high, but players love xp. I love xp when I play. Hopefully this will help create interesting, dynamic characters and not powergamed monsters.

End of Story

Outside of conventional games and adventure modules, I find that it is rare that every character ends the story at the same time. Players will receive the End of Story xp at the end of their personal story, which may or may not coincide with other players.

  1. Success: 1
  2. Danger: This point can be awarded for intelligently avoiding danger in addition to overcoming it.
  3. Wisdom: 1


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