Seattle Center

A cultural icon that includes the Space Needle, the Civic Opera House, the International Fountain, several theatres, the Pacific Science Center, the Chihuly Glass Museum, and numerous other landmark institutions, the Seattle Center is the foremost Elysium in Washington state.


New York City Ballet and American Ballet Theatre (another New York company) are world class venues and schools and are considered among the finest on the globe, but despite such fierce competition the Pacific Northwest Ballet is frequently named in experts’ shortlists of the foremost ballet companies in the United States. Headquartered in the Civic Opera House, the Pacific Northwest Ballet falls under the jurisdiction of the Elysium and because of its importance as an artistic institution it is further shielded from vampiric influence by a Prince’s decree.

Dancers, students, Director Peter Boal, members of the Orchestra, and Principal Conductor Emil de Cou are all considered under protection and no vampire is to interfere with them, either directly or indirectly, whether personally or by proxy. Any perceived violations of this decree are ruthlessly persecuted as breaches of the Masquerade. Prince Anson looks askance at supposedly clever attempts to get around this edict, such as by ghouling a family member of a ballerina or Dominating one of the lighting technicians; the spirit is enforced as well as the letter of the law.


Seattle Center

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